Problems with signing in?

Problems with Signing in and Possible Solutions

Signing in for the Realaizer program is located at If the signing in fails, you can try the following steps to correct the problem.

First login

In the case of the first login, the user ID must be accepted within 24 hours of creating the ID. If the time limit expires, contact

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Change Password link during logging in. 

Incase account is locked

If you try to log in several times with incorrect information, the program will lock the user account. So please try logging in again later. 

VPN-connections or office network 

  • If you have a VPN connection, disable it and try logging in again.
  • If your computer is connected to the workplace network, try logging in with a mobile device, for example.

If disconnecting the VPN connection or using the mobile network corrects your problem, contact your IT support and ask them to change the firewall settings to log in and use the program. You can forward the attached list of addresses and ports to your IT support.

Addresses and ports

Contact for more information


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