Realizer Version Update on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 17:00

This update includes, among other things, a refresh of the Realizer brand identity, price level update, ground source heat, and updates to the carbon footprint calculation. The version update will take place on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, from 17:00 to 00:00. Realizer will be unavailable during the update.

Brand Identity Refresh

Realizer's user interface has been redesigned as part of the brand refresh. Realizer Academy and Support have also been updated in terms of interface appearance in the same context.

Price Level Update and Index Points for 2024

The software's construction price level has been updated to reflect the tender price level at the time of the update by updating the input prices of materials and labor. Index points for the year 2024 have been published in the program.

Ground Source Heat

A ground source heat with energy wells has been added to the building features as a method of heat production. This option also generates water-based underfloor heating (or radiators if necessary) for the spaces. Going forward, ground source heat is modeled by default for buildings located outside downtown areas, which previously modeled oil heating.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint data for repair construction has been updated, and the emission data is now up-to-date.

The calculation of life cycle carbon footprint for operational energy (data module B6) has been modified. The emission data now reflects the average annual emissions over the next 50 years, allowing the figure to be directly used in the calculation of life cycle annual emissions. Previously, the emission data represented the emissions at the time of construction. The principle here is that the emissions of different energy production methods are assumed to decrease year by year according to a certain scenario. The construction carbon footprint is always based on the emission data at the time of construction.

Energy calculations and the data used for these calculations have been corrected. Thus, both the modeled energy consumption over the life cycle and the corresponding carbon footprint are at the level of a modernly constructed building. The changes made include increasing the efficiency of the heat recovery in ventilation and partially adopting per-person air volume dimensioning in energy calculations.

If the Operation and Maintenance calculation modules are not in use and you are interested in them, please contact customer support or account managers.

Other Improvements

  • Modified the Price Change functionality in the Spaces module's Show Building Components view. Now, the change row can be named individually, and both price and carbon footprint can be set. This functionality is available in new construction, repair, and operation & maintenance calculation types. A custom price row can be added from the context menu of the third level of the item list.
  • Enabled viewing of building components and printing of reports for frozen calculations.
  • Added a rentability selection for spaces in the Profitability module under the Revenues tab in Initial Data.
  • Added own land price and tax value determination, as well as rent estimation in the Lot module.
  • Implemented the 4th Level of the building component item list (structural components), meaning all building components are now grouped under structural component headings in product structures. Existing calculations will not yet be changed in this regard in the December update, so individual building components in the building component list are still possible.
  • Numerous minor improvements to existing functionalities.

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