Realizer Pricing and Index – Additional Information to the Release Notes

Haahtela's tender price index reflects the relative change in tender prices over time, enabling current prices to be related to the past or used to predict future price levels. In the December version update, the price levels for zones 1…4 have been reduced from June until the year-end compared to the index points published last June, as the price drop towards the end of this year has been stronger than anticipated. Price zones 5 and 6 are consistent with the previous forecast for the autumn. Additionally, the index point forecasts have been updated up to December 2024 in the update. The price level is expected to continue its decline in the first half of next year and rise again in the fall. Haahtela's market review, including indexes, will be published in January.

In conjunction with the adjustment of the price list, the prices for concrete elements have been corrected upwards during the autumn, which may cause the price of buildings with element structures to rise despite a decrease in the tender price index point value. The increased number of stainless steel brackets in external wall masonry modeling further raises the overall cost in the Spaces section for certain buildings.

The price list and index points go hand in hand in the version update. Therefore, it is important to use the correct index point provided by the program when opening and updating calculations to the new price list after the version update. This change in the index point occurs automatically at the same time (the index point is now visible next to the calculation name, but updates only after refreshing the page or navigating back to the calculation). If manual adjustments to the price level (%) have been made in the calculation, their magnitude should be verified. Also, any manual changes made to the prices of concrete elements should be checked."

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